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Jennifer Bair is the author of OPEN ROAD  A Goddess-Biker Guidebook, Open Road Series Presents The Goddess Sings, founder of The OPEN ROAD SERIES and currently takes  clients through her branded marketing programs, THE BUSINESS OF ABUNDANCE. Jennifer's rock band- Jennifer Bair Band
plays the San Francisco Bay area and tours throughout CA.
"JennBair" has led a varied career-life including professional "rock star," business owner, educator, designer, artist manager, and single mother. Ask JennBair who she is and she'll tell you she's a conscious evolutionary- A Goddess-Storyteller. Her work, her life is about consistent change for the good and honoring the idea of the higher-self. Jennifer will also be the first to tell you that awakening and honoring true self is an ongoing process. Its about clearing obstacles and practicing mindfulness, kindness and co-operative thinking. Its about being focused and moving forward in the direction of your desires for good-even if its only in your mind and not yet manifested in this reality yet. She sees the potential for true belonging and service as part of becoming a true human being-She has figured out how to balance the stressful life situations and still be true to higher potential. Jennifer says "You are a Goddess-Biker if you are ready to Look for What you Want To See!"

As an 80's style rocker,  Jenn infuses her world with rebellion; giving props to heavy riffs, melodic lyrics and synergy of sound from live performance to recorded voice, written word and vision beyond the physical realm.

She believes this magnetic vibration of belonging, love and pure life is the essence of how "right" business and relationships are created- and succeed.
Jenn has been involved in entrepreneurial ventures for over 30 years. Continuing to create and perform music with name acts/musicians(pic above 2003 concert w/ Billy Preston), worked with Bobby Hendricks of the original Drifters, studio work for Joan Jett, Natl. Planned Parenthood campaign, 2005 HardRock Cafe tour & touring/opening for too many name acts to list here since the mid-80's -

Watch Jenn's Band doing one of her tunes "You're The One"  

Check out her latest album - DECLARE

Want more-

called DECLARE with the title Track receiving some interesting notice in the music & film industry. Can't wait to see what happens next! Check out samples and buy it here

Here's a Video of Bobby Hendricks of the Original Drifters, featuring Jennifer on backup vocals- She really dug wearing sexy dresses for this show!
She is proud of her successful start-up company Mailworks(DM advertising/lettershop) which she captained for nine years, as well as various sales and publishing projects for over 15 years in the arts- apparel design & event production.

Jennifer is a true entrepreneur with several successful ventures. she is very proud of her work with the  OPEN ROAD SERIES ,her Intuitive Marketing programs and exclusive intuitive energy healing- done by phone/skype or in-person. Appointments made directly with Jennifer.  

Jennifer's formal education included the major religious traditions and mythologies as part of her studies of social group dynamics and cultural anthropology. Jennifer then studied the Dianic Wiccan perspective with Z. Budapest.  And recently completed a CIIS San Francisco-Shamanic Studies workshop with Michael Harner. 

Jennifer's spiritual path began as a child of Maharishi followers. As a transcendental meditator from age 11, she was exposed to varied holistic lifestyles, freedom of expression and deep self-connection to universal (Cosmic) consciousness. Through a near-death experience at age 13, Jennifer has been able to sense, see, smell and sometimes communicate with the spirit world-she calls this seeing beyond the veil. Jennifer uses this gift as part of her services for personal divination and ritual-crafting-all for healing and awakening to one's higher self-true self-true abundance.

Jennifer has 4 incredibly accomplished sisters including the renown sexologist Dr. Patti Britton and two other "Docs" in mental health/clinical psychology and Chinese medicine/sound healing as well as an one accomplished violinist, "IT wizard". Her lineage has everything from ax murderers to the famous "happy hooker" cousin- Xaviera Hollander! And a lot of explorers in between!

Jennifer has been an active participant in the struggle for women's equality. She is an ERA advocate and served as a campaign worker for Pat Shroeder, Vice Presidential candidate. Jennifer was also a contributor for the first women's shelter in the state of Vermont. She spoke at the Vermont State Senate on domestic violence/family-centered policy changes-and taskforce member for Project Self-Suficiency(1990's workfare legislation). Additionally, Jennifer was hired as a marketing/sales team member for Vermont Woman Publications associated with Ms. Foundation. As a credentialed educator in social sciences, Jennifer taught in the public schools and developed literacy programs through the arts for youth-at-risk.       Now living and working in San Francisco, Jenn is aware of the GLBT struggle and continues to advocate for equal rights for all.

This dazzling journey and people she has met along the way have contributed to Jennifer's awakening, her use of ritual, and her unwavering path as "Goddess Story-Teller."

She does find time to exercise her boldness through motorbiking, running, crafting, eating well, sharing life with her partner(legendary Drummer) Tony Hill),  and generally dancing through fire.....  
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