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Jennifer gives us the Open Road story, teaches us how to Dream Into Action, and dishes on sex from her wild biker days....with
"Bringing the BOOM back into Boomers' lives."
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Hollywood's Calling........
Schmoozing with Celebs at a Hollywood Show-
Opening minds and hearts...Opportunities Awaken for                      OPEN ROAD NOW!

JenniferBair&Katey Sagal(SOA star, Actress, Vocalist)JennBair&Omarosa(CelebApprentice/author)Robert Dunlap(TV/MovieActor)   I couldn't resist these photo oppts!  Three of my favorite actors and advocates for personal empowerment.RobertDunlap is now a clinical sexologist and film-maker as well as one of my favorite retro-TV actors-has been in shows like My Three Sons, Sunset Strip, Peyton Place and so many movies and commercials I can't begin to list here! Omarosa is a bitch on a mission-and a sweetheart in person with a new book about getting ahead-Omarosa-style!!!
Katey Sagal is the ultimate Goddess-Biker, finding her true self,true survival as Gemma; the matriarch of this dysfunctional family/MC club in the hit TV drama, Sons Of Anarchy: Featuring Outlaw motorcycle club life-Which mirrors my life almost every episode-WOW! Love her gritty, true portrayal. I wish Katey, and the entire cast all my best in the new season-beginning September 10th on FX. 

I am looking for endorsements and creative partnerships with others-building their platform, engaging in socially-forward activities/causes, "fem-powering" ventures, and creativity that leads and inspires happiness!!!  Talk To Me!    
Here's a taste of what Susan M. Barron of Sage Woman Magazine has to say about my book OPEN ROAD A Goddess-Biker Guidebook  and spoken word and music CD  Open Road Presents The Goddess Sings An Audio workbook and Music by Jennifer Bair

....Jenn Bair's work is all about claiming personal power...from the moment you wake up. She re-imagines and asks us to be present-mind, body and spirit all-so we can imagine a better future today. Bair's exercises, music and meditations are designed to free the mind, teach you how to take charge of your own energy, and give you healing tools that enable you to reach for the stars. It doesn't matter if you have never even ridden a motorcycle...if you have even the smallest inkling toward the kind of freedom that Jennifer Bair is talking about, you'll fit here just fine! 

                   I had to share it with you!  Or go to Sage Woman Magazine and get your own copy.

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JENNIFER BAIR, BMI Recording Artist, Author and Founder of Open Road Series
as she debuts her latest Album DECLARE - playing several of her tunes and chatting about the inner journey, the music industry, how Jenn creates, "Dream Into Action" and what's next!

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  And how she survived a lightning strike-traveled beyond this realm and back...

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Be a part of the new superhero gathering - Anon & Get Yur Freak On  presents a multi-media event     w/ 5 stages-green demos-food-   extreme cool

San Francisco - mission/waterfront off Cesar Chavez               SaturdayJuly10th        noon-to-midnight                 lots of giveaways-including Free Books and CDs @ my booth - come say hi!



 Sunday 11-6pm           AUGUST 22ND       SAN FRANCISCO             look for  OPEN ROAD GODDESS BIKER BOOTH tons of free stuff and good people, good times 

 Here's is what Linda E. Savage, Ph.D. - Best-Selling Author, Certified Sex Educator has to say-

    "Like the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon, Jennifer Bair exemplifies the feisty, independent, sexy women who happen to love riding--in this case the modern shiny steed is a motorcycle. Her work provides easy to follow spiritual maps for claiming your right to take to the open roads of life. Her wonderful guided meditations and goddess wisdom inspire the divine feminine in us all. The Goddess is alive! ...enjoyed both the CD and book!"

    Linda E. Savage, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist and author of Reclaiming

  Linda E. Savage, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist and author of Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality: The Power of the Feminine Way

 Linda E. Savage, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist, MFT
AASECT Certified Sex Educator
Author of: Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality



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Learn how to transform everything into relentless positive expectations. 

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