Wanna live that bold and soulful life?
Here's How!
offered by Jennifer Bair
80's Rocker, Intuitive, Entrepreneur &
Rebel Evolutionary

Tools & Teachings
Beyond The Ride




Music & Spoken Word

The ALBUM DECLARE is available for download NOW -

OR  GO HERE to download individual tracks
including the title "hit" Declare

Jennifer has written and performed/recorded her brand of
"garage rock- new country as a solo female artist.
The title track DECLARE is getting some airplay, notice from some folks in the industry and some interest for licensing for indie film production-how cool is that!

"Jennifer's sound is a thoughtful mix of classic rock and new country with authenticity and intense soulful vocals taking you on a journey toward your     Open Road to True-Self."

Album Notes: if you really want to know the details of how and why... 

Jennifer is a BMI recording artist-session vocalist with credits including Joan Jett, PinHead & Planned Parenthood (National radio campaign voice-over and jingle). Jennifer has performed and toured with Shattered, Leon Russel, The Drifters' Bobby Hendricks and Billy Preston. Jennifer's last band- Uncle Ben & The Wild Rice 2003 reunion was signed with Playme Records and has several hits, including Jaws, Claws & Menopause-making the charts in Europe and airplay here in the US.
Jennifer's tune Delcare is seeing airplay from California and Nevada, New Jersey & NYC! It's been on rotation at every PEET'S TEA & COFFEE location in Canada*through her Canadian indie label-Magic Puddle Productions. Jennifer has been featured on the BIO Channel, natl radio, and reviewed by BBI Media. Jennifer is a best-selling author of OPEN ROAD A Goddess-Biker Guidebook (Authorhouse Publishers ISBN# 978-1-4520-2158-4) and founder of The Open Road Series- Offering Transformative, Fem-Powered Ventures


Jennifer uses her guidance from the Feminine Divine,
her knowledge of the Goddess in history and
mythology to bring you an invocation and
story within the bonds of ritual and myth -
To call upon the Goddess Fortuna Redux
for Salvation, Safe Return from Battle, from War
-To bring you the luck and prosperity of
this well known, respected and
worshiped deity from Roman times  to present.

Jennifer combines the power and compassion
of Fortuna Redux with the power and mindful experience
of the OPEN ROAD Journey she offers in many forms-
Ritual, Invocation and Soulful upbeat Music/Including Declare
fill this fem-powered venture!

Enjoy with an open heart and mindful presence
and begin your journey toward True Self- True Abundance!! 

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